by | Dec 27, 2018

Here at Crestview, we seek to equip our people with the resources necessary and helpful for spiritual growth! Anyone is welcome and encouraged to use these resources!

"Nobodies for Jesus" by Chuck Lawless

For the next 14 weeks via our weekday online Bible Studies, we will be focusing on discipleship. We will go through this book “Nobodies for Jesus: 14 days toward a great commission lifestyle”. This is a great book to challenge you in your pursuit of Jesus Christ. It will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone in order to be more faithful with evangelism and discipleship. It is when we evangelize and make much of Jesus when we will look most like Him. I encourage you to get serious about your discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ and commit to this study with us. You can join each study on our Facebook page each Wednesday evening or find them under our sermons tab each week. If you would like to join an accountability group, we host Zoom Discipleship Conversations based on this study each Tuesday night. Please send Pastor Casey an email if you would like to join.

Church Revitalization Devotional

Over the next seven weeks, Pastor Casey is encouraging our church to read through one devotion per day and consider the personal responsibility that comes along with revitalizing our church. This will not be an easy task, but it will be extremely beneficial for our church spiritually, for the lost that we will seek to reach in our community, and for the Kingdom of God as we seek to operate in a healthier, purpose-driven, missional, and God-honoring way into the future. COVID-19 has caused alot of heartache, but our prayer is that God would reproof His people through it. When we are able to gather again, may we not return back to just business as usual. May the people of God return to the gathering with renewed intentionality and worshipful attitudes to be about the business of God. Commit to read this devotional over the next seven weeks and let God work in you.


Devotions for Revitalization


Passion Week Family Devotional Resource

We have been encouraging our people to use this time of quaranteine for family discipleship and worship. With the week of easter upon us, we have found a wonderful devotional resource for families to use in their times of family worship to lead them through studying the events of passion week leading up to the cross and the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday. I pray that this would be a helpful resource for you and your family during this special time of year!


Easter Devotional Guide


7-Day Coronavirus Prayer Guide

We want to encourage you to spend time in prayer over the global pandemic that has turned the world upside down. We know that God is still sovereign and in control. It is cruical for us as His people to trust in the Lord through this time by praying adamently for His provisions. Often times, we don’t know what specifically to pray for. Here is a 7 day prayer guide to lead you to specific and potent prayer for those affected. Use this guide, not just for one week, but for the coming days and weeks ahead.



COVID-19 Home and Community Resource

As the days continue to go by in a rapidly changing world, we are having to consider more deeply how we will reach our communities with the Gospel of Christ. We are also must consider how to provide spiritual nourishment for those in our own homes. We want to provide you with an online resource that will hopefully aid you in your endeavors to do both of those things. Below is a link to the WMU site that provides outreach ideas for you in your neighborhood, and resources for you and your children’s spiritual development. Take advantage of this resource and these opportunities that God has placed before us for His glory and Kingdom.


"Hello Neighbor" Form

At the link below, you will find a pdf file of an outreach resource that we encourage you to use in your neighborhood. This is a wonderful tool to use during the difficult days of COVID-19 to reach your neigbhors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Fill out the form with your name, things that you are willing to assist your neighbors (Ex. going to pickup needed items from the store, going to pick up medication if they have a prescription, taking care of kids while they are at work, etc.), your phone number, and then deliver it to your neighbors. The opportunites for service are numerous as we look out for one another during these difficult days! May we show the love of Jesus to those around us!

PDF Form to View and Print

"The Church: The Gospel Made Visible" by Mark Dever

Mark Dever provides a helpful, simple, and biblical look at the doctrine of the church. Everyone should study this work in accord with Scripture in order to gain a better understanding of the church. We have studied this work in our Sunday evening Bible studies. If you would like to buy the resource, please click the link below.

"Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life" by Donald S. Whitney

Whitney has composed a spiritually challenging and enriching text in order to grow in spiritual discipline. We have studied this work in accord with the Word of God during our Sunday Night Bible Study. If you would like to buy the resource, please click the link.

"Evangelistic Praying: Intercession for Laborers and the Lost" by Frank R. Shivers

Frank Shivers has completed a work to aid in the Christians prayer life for soul winning. We have studied this work in accord with the Word of God during our Wednesday Night Bible Study and Small Groups. If you would like to buy the resource, please click the link.